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30 March 20
8 minute read

Coping with stress during isolation

How do we maintain a healthy wellbeing and cope with stress during this challenging time? Our team has shared some of their experiences and here’s what we find helpful.

29 March 20
5 minute read

7 startups making strides in gender equality

For IWD 2020, we’re focusing on 7 startups with market-leading gender equality policies and diversity initiatives, from workforce split and flexible working to heavy improvements on gender pay gap.

26 March 20
6 minute read

10 business initiatives that support the community through coronavirus

As the situation unfolds, we will be sharing a series of articles featuring businesses that are doing it right and implementing strategies to help the wider community.

19 March 20
5 minute read

7 female entrepreneur initiatives from across the globe

Which countries have the best supporting factors for women in business? For IWD 2020, our third report examines socio-economic, government and business initiatives for female entrepreneurs.

09 March 20
5 minute read

15 female-focused VC opportunities (UK)

What are the top VC funds aimed at female founders and startup teams right now? Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020, the second in our series of articles fo6cuses on venture capital and investment access for female entrepreneurs.

06 March 20
4 minute read

Take Risks for IWD2020

As part of our International Women’s Day series, we had a chat with six fearless women about the biggest risks they’ve taken in their careers and what it was like diving into the realm of startups.

01 March 20
5 minute read

Networking for women in business

Looking to start or scale your business? Find the right business network to empower your success in our guide to networking for women in business.