Insurance 101

Common questions

What is commercial legal protection?

Commercial legal protection can be particularly useful for small businesses who have employees but who lack specialist legal expertise in-house. Read more

What is contents and equipment insurance?

As the name suggests, this cover has two parts. Office contents covers everything in the office, including your fit-out, computers, office equipment, furniture and documents. Read more

What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance covers allegations that you haven’t properly handled personal information or that you failed to protect it against unauthorised access. Read more

What is employers liability insurance?

Employers' liability insurance covers claims from employees who have been injured or become ill as a result of working for you. Read more

What is management liability insurance (also known as directors and officers insurance)?

If your directors have legal or regulatory responsibilities to employees, the public, regulators, investors or other directors, then you should consider management liability insurance. It is particularly important for directors of publicly listed companies and those seeking investment. Read more

What is media liability insurance?

Media liability insurance - sometimes known as Errors & Ommissions - covers you for negligence in media content and advertising, including website, blogs and social media. Read more

What is professional indemnity insurance?

If a client suffers – or claims to suffer – financial or reputational damage as a result of your advice, your business could face legal action. Even if you've done nothing wrong, the cost of defending yourself can be eye-watering. Read more

What is public liability insurance?

A momentary slip, a lapse in concentration. It can all go wrong in an instant. Life sometimes derails things for us. But if in a moment of clumsiness, you or any of your employees cause harm to a member of the public, you could be facing a law suit. Public liability insurance could save you a lot of time, money and hassle. Read more

What's the difference between jurisdictional and geographical limits?

Whatever your business, client contracts are your first line of defence against potential legal claims and disputes. Here's some of the key contract jargon such as jurisdictional and geographical limits to be familiar with and how it relates to your insurance policy. Read more