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Trends posts

04 May 20
4 minute read

10 ways to manage excess screentime

Feeling overwhelmed by excess screentime during lockdown? Our 10 tips for a digital detox will help you manage your screentime.

30 April 20
5 minute read

5 awesome apps for wellbeing

Our take on the 5 best wellbeing apps out there. Seize the day - we’re behind you.

29 April 20
3 minute read

6 podcasts for your wellbeing

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed? You’re not alone. Check out our pick of the 6 best wellbeing podcasts.

23 April 20
7 minute read

10 business initiatives that support the community through coronavirus

Life and work during the pandemic are more challenging then ever, but how can we make the most of a difficult situation? These companies set great examples.

21 April 20
6 minute read

The companies smashing distributed working (and what you can learn)

What is distributed working? From remote guides and playbooks to case studies and challenges, our guide has COVID-19 remote working covered. Read up now.

21 April 20
6 minute read

Life during lockdown - and what’s to come

With the pandemic forcing us to make adjustments to our personal and working lives, what trends have we seen so far and what can we expect to see next?

30 March 20
8 minute read

Coping with stress during isolation

Uncertainty always brings with it anxiety, but what can we do on a personal level cope with stress, when it's on a global scale? Here are some ideas.