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Public and products liability insurance

Covers your business against accidental injury and property damage to your clients, suppliers, contractors or members of the public. Our public liability policy includes product liability as standard to give your business full protection.

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One of the essential policies for any business, public liability covers legal and compensation costs for any accidents that you or your employees are liable for. If you sell physical products, product liability will protect you from claims of accidental damage as a result of your product.

  • Instant documents
  • Liability for bodily injury
  • Liability for damage
  • Covers legal costs

Set up your public liability insurance online in less than 10 minutes as a flexible monthly subscription. Change or cancel it at any time as your business evolves.

Benefits of our public liability insurance

Liability for rented premises

Our covers were built with the new era of work in mind. Unlike some policies, our public liability insurance covers your liability to your landlord or co-working space if you accidentally damage the premises you rent or hire (including fixtures and fittings).

Often it’s a contract requirement

Companies often insist that suppliers have public liability insurance, so you could be at a competitive disadvantage if you don't. It’s not uncommon for companies to request a minimum of £5 million or even £10 million cover.

Protect yourself against compensation culture

The rise of 'no win, no fee' services has caused an increase in public liability claims, which could lead to a case even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

Public liability guide

Find out more about public liability insurance, the risks it covers and what to look out for in a policy.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers businesses against injury or property damage to clients, contractors, suppliers and the general public. It’s one of the most common types of insurance. In 2018/2019, the UK government's Compensation Recovery Unit recorded 85,472 public liability claims.

Who needs public liability cover?

It’s vital for any business that comes into contact with the general public, including clients, suppliers, contractors or anybody else not employed by you to have public liability insurance. Although not a legal requirement, whether you are a small business, self-employed professional or a sole-trader, a level of cover is often stipulated by industry bodies.

What risks does public liability insurance cover?

Accidents happen. Whether it’s a slip, trip, fall or someone injuring themselves using your equipment – it could lead to a lawsuit. There are many ‘no win, no fee’ services these days, which means you can still face a liability or compensation claim even if it wasn’t your fault. Public liability protects you should a claim be made.

What to look for in a public liability policy

Check your organisations’ contracts to see whether they require a minimum level of cover before you choose your plan. When you’ve found an insurer you’re considering signing with, make sure they are aware of the risks that employees face while working with you (heavy lifting, working with chemicals, etc.)

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Public liability insurance FAQs

Is it mandatory to take out public and product liability insurance?

Though it’s not a legal requirement, you may find that clients and suppliers require PL as a condition of working with them, so it should be a serious consideration.

Even if your business is office-based, you’ll no doubt have clients or members of the public visiting you from time to time, or your staff will spend time out and about at events. And if an accident happens, either on your premises, or as a result of your activities elsewhere, you could be held liable, with serious financial repercussions for your business.

It’s also good to have the assurance that any damage caused by your products, if they fail or malfunction, will be taken care of, both in terms of legal fees, compensation payments and reputational damage that could result.

What are the levels of this cover and how much will it cost me?

This, like with most of other policies, depends on the nature of your business. With Digital Risks, you can choose a limit cover between £1m, £2m or £5 million.

What excess would I need to pay?

Our online public and product liability cover has a standard excess of £250 per claim. All other expenses and costs will be covered on our side. Please be aware, however, that for offline advised clients who have tailor-made policies, the excesses do vary depending on the risk.

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