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Company news posts

07 May 20
3 minute read

Personal experience of starting a job remotely

What's it like jumping into a new job amidst a lockdown? Matt Reid, our new Senior Designer, did just that. He shares his experience of starting his new position as a remote worker.

01 May 20
4 minute read

Josh's life during lockdown

Welcome to our third blog in the series 'Life during lockdown'. Josh, our Customer Success Team Lead, shares with us his experience of settling in to working from home with a few handy tips he picked up along the way.

24 April 20
5 minute read

Mai's life during lockdown

Welcome to our second blog in the series 'Life during lockdown'. This time we hear from Mai, our VP of Marketing. With two pre-teens at home, she’s become an avid multi-tasker and a master planner.

21 April 20
6 minute read

Life during lockdown - and what’s to come

With the pandemic forcing us to make adjustments to our personal and working lives, what trends have we seen so far and what can we expect to see next?

18 April 20
3 minute read

Ben's life during lockdown

We have asked different members of our team about their life in isolation. Their routine, the challenges they are facing, and what tips and tricks they’ve found to keep them productive and balanced. Here's our first blog from one of our Senior Developers, Ben Sheedy.

07 April 20
3 minute read

How we’ve adapted to COVID-19 to continue providing excellent service

How we've adapted to support our customers during the pandemic.

26 February 20
2 minute read

Digital Risks raises $10.4m in Series A funding

The $10.4M investment round was led by BHL Holdings, a highly regarded international group with a strong reputation for insurance innovation.