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Self-employed public liability insurance

Whether you're a sole trader, partner, or the owner of a limited company, start with public liability and customise cover to meet your needs.

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Public liability insurance is an essential cover for businesses. Injury or damage caused by your work could result in otherwise unaffordable compensation costs, not to mention legal fees. Our cover also includes product liability, for that extra level of protection.

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What does public liability cover?


If a customer, supplier, or member of the public is injured or dies due to your business activities, public liability may cover this.


If your business services unintentionally cause damage to the property of a customer, supplier or anyone not employed by your business, public liability covers this.


This covers claims brought about due to damage or injury caused by a product your business has given away or sold - whether you're the manufacturer, supplier, or retailer.

Insurance for self-employed professionals

Public liability's a must-have, but what other covers should you be thinking about?

Professional indemnity insurance

Clients pay for your knowledge and expertise, but what if you make a mistake? If your advice or service causes a client's business financial loss you could face a lawsuit, and be liable for legal and compensation costs. If this happens, professional indemnity cover (PI) can cover this.

Directors and officers insurance

Mistakes happen - at all levels. Directors and officers cover, also known as D&O, covers claims brought about by negative consequences of decisions made by company managers. For example, data reporting errors, accidental misrepresentation in a pitch deck- even claims from investors against the management arising out of the insolvency of the company.

Contents and equipment insurance

Covering furnishings and equipment, office contents and equipment cover is a staple for many businesses. Unlike many other providers, our cover is also suitable for contents and equipment at co-working office spaces.

Cyber insurance

Whatever your business type, you're likely to hold data and to be reliant on computer systems. Cyber insurance protects you against the consequences of a data breach, whether that be due to a team member making a mistake, a cyber attack, or even a systems failure - even if it's due to a supplier's system going down (e.g. Amazon Web Services).

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Essential for all businesses needing protection against bodily injury and lost or damaged property.

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Protect against risks associated with the professional services you provide and the way you market your business.

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Self-employed public liability FAQs

What insurance do I need as a self-employed consultant?

This is down to you and your business, but to summarise:

  • Public liability (and our product also includes product liability) is an essential cover for most businesses.
  • Office contents and equipment cover is a good idea if you're worried about the cost of replacing office equipment or furniture.
  • Employers liability is a legal requirement if your business has employees.
  • Professional indemnity is something to consider if your business consults, gives advice or provides a professional service like software development.
  • Cyber insurance is a good idea for any business that holds personally identifiable information (e.g. an email database) or is dependent on computer systems or a website.
  • Directors and officers insurance is a cover to consider if you have employees, investors or just want to limit your personal liability for the management decisions of your company.

Our quotation process will guide you through your options.

Do I need insurance if I'm self-employed?

Although most types of business insurance are not legally required, public liability is still considered a 'need' for most businesses, given that the majority of businesses would be unable to afford a large claim.

Furthermore, some clients will also insist on you having a level of protection as a pre-requisite for working with you.

An exception to this is employers liability, which is a legal requirement for any business that has employees.

How much is self-employed public liability insurance?

This depends on the level of cover you need. Our public liability cover starts at £5.13 per month. Find out more about what impacts the cost of public liability insurance.

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