Media liability insurance

Comprehensive media liability insurance for digital businesses.

Covers you for negligence in media content and advertising, including website, blogs and social media.

If you’re in the media industry, or publish lots of content as part of your business, media liability insurance protects you for IP infringement, breach of confidentiality, right to privacy, and breach of comparative advertising regulations.

Everything you need to know about media liability insurance

Define media liability insurance?

In the digital age, the media never stops. From rolling 24/7 news coverage, to real-time social media posts and instant online videos. The opportunities for enterprising businesses are endless, but that also means facing increased risk. The rapid speed of digital media demands an always-on approach and rapid, if not instantaneous, response to keep up with the competition. But when deadlines are tight, that’s when mistakes happen. And if your media content oversteps the mark, your business could be liable. A media liability policy - sometimes known as errors & omissions liability insurance - covers you for negligence in your communications over online and offline media, including social media, blogs, websites and advertising. So if a moment of madness has left you in hot water, we’ll pick up any legal fees and compensation costs, shielding you from financial loss. At Digital Risks, our media liability cover has been built around the specialist needs of tech and media companies in the digital age. So you’ll be covered for infringement of intellectual property, copyright infringement, breach of comparative advertising regulations, and privacy and confidentiality laws.

Who needs media liability insurance?

Nowadays, most businesses are publishers of some sort, with social media accounts, blogs, content marketing, not to mention good old-fashioned advertising. But even if media isn’t your core business, using all these channels can leave you open to legal claims, if you’re caught making false statements, or your comments offend somebody - however much it wasn’t intended. So, if your business is involved in publishing lots of content, media liability cover will give you valuable protection. And for any business operating in the media industry, including broadcasters, publishers, such as newspapers and magazines, and production companies, media liability insurance is essential.

What are the risks

Social media defamation cases are on the rise, with many businesses unaware that tweets and posts are subject to the same laws as other published content. Not only can they be costly, but social media #fails could also have a huge impact on your reputation, often attracting significant media attention. There are other areas of media risk too. For example, you might accidentally use an image without permission from the owner, or make misleading or untrue statements about a competitor in your advertising. If that happens, you’ll be faced with hefty defence costs to fight your case, and potentially high compensation payouts on top.

Things you can do

Even with a media liability policy, nobody wants to face a social media storm, or end up in the law courts - it’s far preferable to avoid a claim in the first place. Steps you can take to protect your business include implementing a watertight approval process for your content, as well as outlining guidelines for the use of social media, blogs and online comments, so employees know what it and isn’t appropriate.

Who needs media liability insurance?

Websites, blogs, social media – they're part and parcel of business today. But the sheer proliferation of media means the chance of making a mistake is greater than ever. And if that happens, your business could be liable.

Why media liability insurance?

Content and social #fails

One rogue tweet or misjudged Instagram post, and your business could face claims of defamation, slander or breach of privacy. Media liability insurance protects you for negligence in all your media content, including websites, blogs and social. So, if a post backfires, you'll know that any legal fees and compensation will be taken care of.

Copyright disputes

We're so used to sharing online that it can be easy to forget that using images or other content without permission could put you in breach of copyright. Media liability insurance is for just those moments, picking up the bill for any compensation and associated legal costs.

Comparative advertising regulations

It's a dog- eat dog world and sometimes you have to take risks to stand out from the competition. But overstep the mark with your advertising and you could be in breach of the comparative advertising regulations, with fines, legal costs and compensation to pay. With media liability insurance, it's covered.

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