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Fast, effective and commitment free contents insurance for digital businesses.

Is Your Business Content Covered?

24% of businesses have been a victim of theft in the last 12 months.

If you suffer theft or damage on your premises, or from your co-working space, business contents insurance ensures you won’t be left out of pocket.

Covering equipment, office furniture, documents and cash, this cover is vital to keep your business up and running.

Digital Risks' award-winning business contents and equipment cover is designed specifically for today's digital entrepreneurs.

Business Contents Insurance

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What to look for in your Business contents and equipment insurance

We've designed world-class cover, and made it super simple to buy.

Protect your gear

Whatever kit you rely on, whether that's a laptop, tables and chairs or more technical machinery, having it lost, stolen or damaged is a serious headache.

With our business office contents cover, we'll replace your gear and have you back up and running in no time.

Cover on the move

Always darting between meetings, or jet setting around the world? Then you'll need mobile protection.

Our portable equipment insurance covers everything you take out and about with you, including laptops, mobile phones, cameras and tablets.

Co-working? No problem

Many providers won't cover your belongings in a co-working space. Not us!

Our business contents cover is designed for digital businesses, co-working spaces are included at no extra cost. All you need to do is make sure your belongings are locked up when unattended.

Business Contents Insurance Guide

World-class insurance cover for digital businesses - made easy.

What is business contents and equipment insurance?

Even in the digital age, your business needs a physical base. Your office premises are the hub and heart of your operations, home to the equipment, documents and other belongings that are integral to what you do.

Having this property stolen or damaged would be a nightmare come true, leaving you with scary bills to replace expensive everything, and business downtime on top. That’s why business and office contents cover is so important, as it will protect your business by picking up the bill for stolen or damaged property and equipment, if you’re ever faced with disaster.

With Digital Risks, our ‘all-risks’ policy covers you in the case of malicious or accidental damage, as well as the effects of fire, theft and flood. Business contents cover also includes items that you’re temporarily responsible for, while they’re located on your premises, plus we’re one of the only insurers to cover you in a co-working space.

Who is office contents insurance for?

Business contents insurance is one of those essential insurance policies, whatever the size or activities of your business.

From one-man-bands and freelancers, to the small business world and more established operations, all businesses have the kit they rely on, and losing it can make it hard or impossible to do your best work.

So, whether you just need a laptop and smartphone, or rely on more specialist technology, Digital Risks’ business contents cover will make sure it’s quickly replaced in the event of theft, loss or damage.

What are the risks of under-insuring your office?

As a digital business, you might spend most of your working day online, but that doesn’t mean the physical stuff is any less important. From your technical equipment, to the chair you’re sitting on and even the coffee machine in the corner, how would you cope if they were damaged or destroyed?

In a fast-moving world, just a few days downtime can mean lost business, earnings and potential impacts on your reputation. And that’s on top of shelling out to replace everything.

Things you can do to keep your business contents and equipment safe

For businesses based in a co-working or shared space, your business contents policy is only valid if your belongings are securely locked while unattended.

For laptops and monitors, a Kensington Lock is the best solution when you’re not around. With your other items, make sure you use a locker, or a lockable desk drawer, so they aren’t easy pickings for any passing opportunists.

What to watch out for in an office and equipment policy?

When purchasing your business equipment insurance policy, be aware that cover limits should be based on the replacement value of your contents, rather than the market value.

And don’t forget to include any leased items in your totals. If your business rents an office, check with your landlord before buying business contents cover, as you may find that you’re partially covered through their business insurance.

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