What can start-ups learn fromthe Pokemon GO cyber attack?

Written byAnna King
Updated 1st August 2016

If you're one of the millions of Pokemon GO 'Trainers' that has nurtured a daily gaming habit over the last couple of weeks, then you'll be well aware that the app has already suffered two high-profile server outages as a result of cyber-attacks.

is4profit.com asked Ben Rose, our Chief Underwriting Officer and Co-Founder what start-ups can learn from the cyber-attacks on Pokemon GO:

Ben advises that although the short-term damage is likely to be fairly minimal, attacks like this can lead to a significant loss of revenue, with system downtime leaving them unable to trade. Pokemon GO would be wise to firstly, take steps to minimise the risk of these types of attacks in the future, and secondly, make sure it has a plan in place for if and when it does suffer another attack.

While IT security should of course be central to your strategy, it's fair to say that even with the best technology and security measures in place, sometimes you're powerless to stop an attack. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated all the time, so it's impossible to know what to expect.

This is why it's crucial for all businesses to have a response plan ready, so you can take control and recover from an attack quickly and effectively, with minimum impact to your business and its customers.

Read the full article and find out what a respond plan should include at is4profit.com


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