Team culture posts

25 August 17
3 minute read

From cubicles to co-working - 30 years in the workplace

The gig economy. Co-working. Digital nomads. Here's a rundown of the biggest milestones in workplace culture over the last three decades.

02 August 17
4 minute read

Hiring tips and tools for your business

Building your startup or small business is a mammoth task. We've listed three hiring tips and tools for your small business.

02 August 16
4 minute read

Co-working: find your people

If you're looking for some inspiration for your first, or next, co-working home, then here's our picks of London's best.

01 June 16
5 minute read

Growing your team? Make sure you've ticked these off

Hiring your first employee is a huge milestone. Here's a quick overview of what you need to think about, and where you can go for more advice and support.