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16 December 06
3 minute read

Buzzword buster: Understanding innovation in startup

Buzzword buster: understanding innovation in the startup space. Here's some of the different types of innovation in business, and some great real-world examples

16 November 30
3 minute read

How to nail networking in 7 steps

In the early days of your business, networking is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. Here's our seven steps to nailing networking:

16 November 28
4 minute read

How do I find a co-founder for my business?

Here's 10 tried and tested ways to go about finding the perfect co-founder for your business.

16 November 23
4 minute read

What sets the best start-up CEOs apart from the rest?

There are a multitude of factors involved in the success or failure of any new venture. Find out what sets the best start-up CEOs apart from the rest!

16 November 17
4 minute read

Just landed investment? How to splash the cash (sensibly!)

Just landed investment? Here are some key investments that can pay real dividends (sensibly!)

16 November 07
1 minute read

Why every startup CEO needs a mentor

A lot of start-ups take on a business mentor or coach whose role is to provide advice to the business as a whole. Find out why every start-up CEO needs a mentor

16 October 19
4 minute read

From lightbulb to listing - the digital start-up roadmap

There are certain stages and milestones that every digital start-up goes through. Here's your roadmap to success!