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19 May 01
4 minute read

Startup marketing - five essential strategies for growth

There are certain strategies that are particularly well-suited to startups - make sure you know what they are.

17 July 24
3 minute read

How to build a story around your start-up

Why do people choose one brand over another? Here's some tips on how to build a story around your start-up.

17 June 16
4 minute read

How six world famous brands got their names

Choosing a business name is one of the first big decisions you have to make as an entrepreneur. Take these 6 famous brands and the stories behind their names.

17 February 06
9 minute read

Growth hack from zero to superhero in 10 steps [PART TWO]

We're going to talk through five communications-focused hacks, to reach new audiences, raise your authority and maximise the external channels at your disposal.

16 December 20
4 minute read

Founder success stories: Twied

We caught up with Thierry Sequeira, CEO at Twied to find out a bit about his company, his founder top tips and what a typical day at his start-up is like.

16 December 08
9 minute read

Growth hack from zero to hero in 10 steps [PART ONE]

Here your guide to growth hacking; giving practical, step-by-step advice on how to take your start-up from zero to superhero!

16 October 01
4 minute read

10 budget-conscious marketing tips for tech start-ups

Marketing on a shoestring isn't easy, with other brands and big budgets to compete with. Not sure where to start? Here's 10 marketing tips for tech start-ups!