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Cybersecurity posts

22 June 18
4 minute read

Why cyber threat hunting is the new frontier in cybersecurity

A step above basic cyber security measures, some companies are implementing threat hunting as part of their cyber security strategy.

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Cybersecurity / 
30 April 18
3 minute read

Less than a month until GDPR‚Äďwhat should you be doing?

It feels like we've been talking about it forever, but all of a sudden, GDPR is just around the corner.

Cybersecurity / 
GDPR & Data / 
26 March 18
1 minute read

How to minimise the impact of a cyber attack

What you can do to minimise the impact of a cyber-attack on your business.

27 November 17
3 minute read

Why human-centered cyber security is the future

Human error is often blamed for cyber security breaches, but often, steps haven't been taken to educate people on how to identify and mitigate threats.

16 October 17
4 minute read

Cyber security… trick-or-treat?!

For every cyber trick, businesses need a response to avoid the pain and disruption caused. Here's our pick of the cyber tricks and treats of 2017.

12 September 17
1 minute read

The evolving challenge of protecting against cyber risks

With cyber-attacks on the rise and emerging technologies set to transform the cyber landscape, cyber insurance providers have to stay on their toes.

12 July 17
1 minute read

How can you get the whole business behind cyber security?

Only a proactive approach to security will keep hackers out. It's time for cyber security to come out of the back room and into the heart of the business.