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Healthcare professional insurance

Digital Risks offers specialist insurance cover for a whole range of healthcare professionals, including nurses, technicians, carers and complementary therapists. It covers medical malpractice, professional indemnity and public liability - all in one policy.

Comprehensive cover for healthcare professionals

Specialist insurance for self-employed healthcare professionals with a 3-tiered protection that includes medical malpractice, professional indemnity and public liability insurance, plus a range of key extensions at no additional cost to you.

Set up your healthcare professional cover in less than 10 minutes as a flexible monthly subscription. Update or cancel it at any time as your circumstances change.

Benefits of our healthcare professional insurance

Medical malpractice

Working in the healthcare sector comes with lots of responsibility. Our healthcare professional insurance protects you against allegations of medical negligence in the treatments or advice you provide, such as misdiagnosis and physical or mental damage.

Professional indemnity

A hugely important area that is often not included within medical malpractice insurance, the PI component protects you against claims for financial loss caused by errors or omissions in the services you provide.

Public liability

Digital Risks’ healthcare professional insurance also includes public liability. It protects you against compensation claims and covers your legal costs if you accidentally cause an injury to a member of the public or damage their property in the course of your work.

Healthcare professional insurance guide

Find out more about healthcare professional insurance, the risks it covers and what to look out for in a policy.

What is medical malpractice insurance?

Medical malpractice insurance (or med mal for short) covers medical and healthcare professionals for claims alleging a mistake or negligence in the course of their duties. Claims of medical negligence against healthcare professionals are on the rise, and the repercussions can be extremely serious, including disciplinary proceedings, medical malpractice inquiries and hefty legal and compensation costs. Medical malpractice insurance will enable you to defend yourself and cover the costs involved.

Who is healthcare professional insurance for?

Our healthcare professional insurance is designed for any self-employed medical or healthcare specialist providing care to patients. We cover a very broad range of specialists including carers, dental nurses and therapists, radiologists, opticians, nutritionists, physiotherapists and many more.

What risks does healthcare professional insurance cover you for?

Medical malpractice insurance protects medical and healthcare professionals against mistakes and omissions that they could make in the course of their work. If as a result of the services you provide your patient suffers a financial loss, the professional indemnity section will pick up the expenses related to the claim and cover any compensation you are obliged to pay. Public liability insurance will protect you for any accidental injury or property damage that might happen while you perform your duties, not directly related to your professional services.

Things you can do

Communicate clearly and sympathetically with patients at all times to avoid giving them any reason to complain. Always keeping a detailed paper trail of advice and treatments provided, so you can refer back to this in the event of an issue. That includes obtaining informed consent for any treatments when required. Stay up to date with the latest standards to ensure you are fully compliant, and always follow up and ask for feedback from patients and other consultants after treatment, to check there are no potential issues and address any problems as early as possible.

What to watch out for

Some insurers may refuse to cover professionals that have had successful claims or disciplinary action against them in the past. If this affects you, be sure to check this when you’re taking out cover and make your insurer aware if you had any claims. Medical malpractice and professional indemnity insurance are usually claims-made policies, meaning that they only cover circumstances reported to the insurer within the policy period.

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