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Errors and omissions insurance

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E&O insurance quote

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Businesses that provide advice, consultancy, or offer a professional service should consider Errors and omissions (E&O). If you handle data or intellectual property belonging to your clients, it's often a contractual requirement. It is also known as professional indemnity insurance.

  • Professional negligence
  • Covers legal costs
  • Copyright infringement
  • Defamation

Cover against mistakes

Professional indemnity

We all make mistakes from time to time - that's just life. But when you or your employees give bad advice or make a mistake it can end up costing your client, and you, big time! Professional Indemnity (PI) will cover you for the costs arising from negligence claims made against you.

Protect your reputation

For most of us, reputation is a key element of ongoing success. Our cover provides public relationship and crisis management, to help protect your brand and reputation when things go wrong. Errors and omissions insurance is also known as professional indemnity insurance.

Intellectual property infringement

With today's rate of content creation, your chances of accidentally breaching copyright and intellectual property (IP) are increasing. With our cover, you're not only covered for your mistakes, but we'll pay up to £25,000 in legal costs defending your business from others.

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Essential for all businesses needing protection against bodily injury and lost or damaged property.

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For businesses that provide advice, consultancy or other professional services.

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