List of insurtech conferences and events to attend in 2019

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Anna King

Updated 8th May 2019

Insurtech is having a revolution right now. The insurtech start-ups which hit the scene a few years ago are maturing, and there are some really interesting changes happening in the industry. And the best way to get in on these new developments is to hear about them from the horse’s mouth. Insurtech events in 2019 promise to bring many new things to the table. So, in chronological order, here are some dates for your diary:


InsiderTech 16th May, London

The InsiderTech team want to take an in-depth look at the strategic implications for Insurtech in the wholesale value and reinsurance sectors. With a focus on the picture that’s emerging as insurtech start-ups mature, InsiderTech wants to put smart money together with the best strategists and innovators in the industry, so that all can benefit from informed collaboration.

Blockchain for Insurance

Blockchain for Insurance 18th-19th June, London

We’re starting to see blockchain moving out of the theoretical realm and gaining more traction in the practical world of business. This Blockchain for Insurance event will hyperfocus on utilising blockchain within the world of insurance, covering how to deal with common issues, facilitating interoperability, overcoming legal niggles, and maintaining blockchain momentum.


TINtech 25th June, London

The TINtech insurtech meetup will showcase emerging technologies and demonstrate how they can be used to drive business. Through a series of short TED-style talks, attendees will learn how to integrate new technology with existing operations, and how to choose the right tech for their business. This is a one-day event, but it promises to pack a lot in.

British Insurance Awards

British Insurance Awards 10th July, London

The usual Insurtech Awards event will not be running in 2019. Instead, a ‘Digital Insurance Innovation’ category has been integrated into the British Insurance Awards, to be held at the Royal Albert Hall in July. Well worth looking into for a great overview of the main movers and shakers in modern insurance (and for a fun night out).

Internet of Insurance 2019

Internet of Insurance 2019 12th-13th September, London

Following on from the successful Insurtech conference 2018, the Internet of Insurance event promises a mix of workshops, case studies and structured networking based around the very latest insurtech innovations. There’s a focus on improving customer experience through wider industry collaboration, so this is definitely one for the networkers among you.

Insurtech Rising International

Insurtech Rising International

  • Main event 8th-9th October
  • Cyber-Risk Summit 7th October, Paris

This big event is a major, global insurtech gathering. The day before the main conference begins there will be a special summit on cyber-risk. Then following this, more than 450 insurtech entrepreneurs will gather to discuss the digital revolution within insurance. There’s a packed agenda with renowned global experts, plus plenty of opportunities for workshopping and networking.

Insurance Technology Summit

Insurance Technology Summit 10th-11th October, West Sussex

Hosted by Insurance Post, this summit will bring together the most influential decision-makers in the insurtech community. Aimed at C-level executives, MDs, and Chairmen, the summit aims to provide great networking opportunities. Key discussion topics will include: cybersecurity, technology culture, and issues around Cloud data.

So, plenty to get your teeth into. Hopefully, see you there!

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