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26 Jun 2017
3 minute read

10 reasons why you need business insurance

Business insurance isn't the most exciting part of starting and running your own business. Here's 10 reasons you need it!

16 Jun 2017
3 minute read

How six world famous brands got their names

Choosing a name is one of the first big decisions you make as an entrepreneur, or a parent. There's often a story behind the moniker. Here's some inspiration.

16 Jun 2017
3 minute read

What does the election result mean for SMEs and digital businesses?

Find out what a hung parliament means for SMEs and digital businesses.

14 Jun 2017
4 minute read

What insurance do advertising and creative agencies need?

The rise in digital has meant that ad agencies are facing new risks and must think carefully about buying the right insurance protection.

12 Jun 2017
3 minute read

Most powerful apps to help improve business operations

Running a business is stressful and time-consuming. We've listed 9 of the most powerful apps that can help improve your business operations.

8 Jun 2017
1 minute read

Brokers must think about millennials to stay relevant

Insurance Business interviewed Cameron Shearer, CEO Digital Risks about the millennial generations view on insurance and the digital world.

6 Jun 2017
4 minute read

The Internet of Things: a connected future

What is the Internet of Things? Will it change the world and what are the risks. Find out here!

2 Jun 2017
2 minute read

From landing helicopters to landing investment - Helipaddy

Helipaddy is the must-have tool for helicopter pilots, helping them discover, store and share heli-friendly landing sites. Paddy Wills explains more.

1 Jun 2017
4 minute read

Blockchain ‚Äď world-changing or overhyped?

Blockchain is everywhere. But what is it and why? Let's go back to the basics - find out how it works and what future applications may look like.

24 May 2017
4 minute read

Is your business ready for GDPR?

The new General Data Protection Regulation is here. We've put together an outline of your responsibilities, highlighting the key changes under GDPR.