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What to do if you face a trade mark or copyright dispute?

With hundreds of new businesses starting every day, the chances of infringing on someone else’s intellectual property (IP) - such as copyright or trade mark - are increasing. A...

Inspirational UK co-founders and how they make it work

We’ve all read about the famous founder partnerships from the US, whether it’s Sergey and Larry from Google, the Steves from Apple, or Bill and Paul from Microsoft. But how...

The NHS cyber-attack – what happened, why and what can small businesses learn?

The inevitable finally happened. Commentators and experts have been warning for some time that the NHS was vulnerable to a cyber-attack. And last Friday their fears came true,...

What insurance do FinTech businesses need?

 From banking to payments, ecommerce to securities, capital markets to InsurTech - FinTech is one of the most vibrant sectors out there. New challenger brands are launching all...

The most controversial start-ups ever

Some entrepreneurs love to shock. And it’s certainly one way of getting attention — at least in the short-term anyway. Whether it makes for a sustainable business model is...

Five of the coolest machine learning start-ups right now

Machine learning has exploded in the last few years and is now widely regarded as one of the disruptive technologies of the moment. Last year, Gartner named it one of the key...

Digital Risks favourite start-ups of 2016

It was another awesome year for start-ups, with StartUp Britain estimating around 80 were created EVERY HOUR throughout 2016 – wowsers!

What every contractor needs to know about business insurance

If you’re a contractor, you’re part of one of the fastest growing tribes in the UK. There are currently nearly 2m contract and freelance workers across the country; that’s 6...

The fruity startup promising banking paradise for freelancers

Everyone loves coconuts. They make you think tropical beaches, Piña Coladas, tasty chocolate bars… and now an awesome new banking service. That’s right, Coconut is the new...

Wow, is March really over?! Here’s a re-cap


Well that was quick! Goodbye March, hello April. It was certainly a busy one. So much happened we could barely keep up.

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