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16 December 20
4 minute read

Founder success stories: Twied

We caught up with Thierry Sequeira, CEO at Twied to find out a bit about his company, his founder top tips and what a typical day at his start-up is like.

16 December 14
3 minute read

Don’t get caught out online this Christmas

Christmas can be risky, with cyber criminals ready to take advantage of the huge spike in e-commerce during the festive season.Here's our top tips to shop safe

16 December 12
1 minute read

Disruption better late than never for business insurance

Insurance is famously behind the times when it comes to incorporating tech into its products and services. Find out how to meet the needs of millennials!

16 December 08
9 minute read

Growth hack from zero to hero in 10 steps [PART ONE]

Here your guide to growth hacking; giving practical, step-by-step advice on how to take your start-up from zero to superhero!

16 December 06
3 minute read

Buzzword buster: Understanding innovation in startup

Buzzword buster: understanding innovation in the startup space. Here's some of the different types of innovation in business, and some great real-world examples

16 December 05
1  minute read

InsurTech – the toddler years

InsurTech is continuing to evolve and disrupt. Key trends include on-demand protection, AI powered customer engagement, peer-to-peer insurance and the IoT

16 November 23
4 minute read

What sets the best start-up CEOs apart from the rest?

There are a multitude of factors involved in the success or failure of any new venture. Find out what sets the best start-up CEOs apart from the rest!