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19 December 06
1 minute read

The 12 risks of Xmas: on the fifth day of Xmas...

With office parties in full swing, the festive season is a peak time for property damage. Whether dancing on the tables, or trying to perform gymnastic feats around the pot plants, at Christmas, no computer, table or chair is truly safe.

19 December 05
1 minute read

The 12 risks of Xmas: on the fourth day of Xmas...

Christmas is one of the busiest trading periods for many companies, particularly online retailers. But it is also a notorious time for IT failure, when people take their eye off the ball.

19 December 04
1 minute read

The 12 risks of Xmas: on the third day of Xmas...

Rumour has it that businesses slow down around Christmas, but this is rarely the case. At this time of year, it’s easy for staff to let work slip or miss SLAs, earning the wrath of clients.

19 December 03
1 minute read

The 12 risks of Xmas: on the second day of Xmas...

While Christmas parties are a great opportunity for staff to let their hair down, sometimes this can go too far. When staff or management cross the bounds of usual office etiquette - it’s now more likely than ever that they will be rightly held to account.

19 December 02
2 minute read

The 12 risks of Xmas: on the first day of Xmas...

During office festivities, physical security can sometimes slip meaning it’s the perfect time for thieves to strike. Whether office equipment or confidential information, all can be a target for unscrupulous festive thieves.

19 November 26
8 minute read

A Founder's Journey with Digital Risks

Agora Presents has gathered a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to hear about Cam and Ben’s journey so far and the importance of partnerships for scaling a startup.

19 November 25
1 minute read

Funding Xchange: the direct way to startup growth

Funding Xchange ensures that you never pay more than going direct to a lender, and that businesses can receive funding in as little as 24 hours of making an application.